New Team Competition

GBB is organising a Team Event, based on the new discipline in Tokyo 2020. This will take place on Saturday evening after the qualifying round by KO-matches. The Team will consist of 2(two) individuals.

What is the GB Team Competition?

The ”GB Team Competition”, is an event that is a combination of a mixed team and a normal team competition. 

Team composition

In 2020, the GB Team Competition will be held in a gender-neutral way. 
Teams can be registered with every possible gender combination. Restrictions are however by Discipline.
In addition, the registration of two archers are not limited by club origins. During registration both member origins are to be indicated.


The GB Team Competition will be carried out according to the official WA mixed team rules (except the team composition).

Team names

Teams are required to register a Team Name, for display purposes. Creativity in Names are expressly promoted

Team entry fee

CHF 10.00 per team.