TEC-HRO results – EN

We are proud toKlicken Sie hier zum Herunterladen announce that

the new software TEC-HRO results

will be used for scoring and the entire evaluation. 
After the software made very good impression at the UV-Cup, we are happy that our new tournament mode will run with TEC-HRO results.

A 7-inch tablet is available on each target for entering the scores. The results are transmitted directly to the main computer via WLAN and the current intermediate results can be viewed immediately after each end. The results can also be posted online without any delay.

This makes the competition much more transparent and interesting for the archers – and especially for the spectators.

In addition, there is no need for manual input of results, which results in a smooth competition process without long breaks. The award ceremony can also be held immediately after the competition.

For control purposes and in the event of a technical failure (e.g. power failure), the results will continue to be recorded on paper.

Impressions to TEC-HRO results